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Peace Tracks

Peace Tracks

Peace Tracks builds culturally competent global citizens and storytellers. Participants navigate new technology and relationships by participating in a cross-cultural virtual exchange built on friendships and collaborative music.

Being part of Beirut-Chicago Peace Tracks has been probably one of the most exciting things that has ever happened in my life – Vanessa, Student, Lebanon


  • Peace Tracks is a cross-cultural collaborative music project
  • Peace Track is designed for High School aged students and operates between classrooms
  • No musical experience, expertise or instruments are needed. 
  • Peace Tracks uses Soundtrap for music composition and recording
  • Peace track is asynchronous, so no need to login at the same time.  You complete your work with your band at your own pace
  • Peace Tracks typically runs a semester-long, however, we can tailor the length to meet your needs
  • We identify a school abroad to partner your classroom with
  • Teachers are expected to participate in Peace Tracks, alongside their students
  • Teachers, school principals, and professional musicians run Peace Tracks.  All administrative staff of Peace Tracks are trained, online facilitators
  • Peace Tracks is a project by Plugged In Band a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, committed to creating an inclusive, loving, and diverse community empowered to change the world, and by MapWorks Learning a global educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses Virtual Exchange as a tool to advance cross-cultural collaboration, project-based learning, and issues-oriented storytelling.